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Brass is among the most-used industrial materials commonly used in manufacturing home decor items, accessories, jewellery, and more. Brass is an alloy of 80% copper, 15% zinc, and 5% in which can showcase intricate details with a high-quality surface finish and attractive looks. This material is malleable, and it offers low friction with a golden surface finish. Brass is widely-utilized in manufacturing gears and locks due to its low-friction properties. 

The lost-wax casting method is used for 3d printing of brass in which the 3d printer first prepares the wax model. After this, a mould is created around the wax model, then melted and filled with the brass material in the final product design. This 3d printing material offers various finishing options, including raw, mirror polish, white rhodium plating.

Brass 3D Printing



  Brass composition: Copper, zinc, tin

   Density: 8.3-8.7 g/cm3

   Melting Point:  900-940 °C

   Moh's Hardness: 3-4

  Alloy Type:  Binary

Properties of materials


     • Higher thermal conductivity.

      • Resistance to corrosion.

       • Excellent ductility.

         • Higher malleability. 

         • Brass offers excellent acoustic properties.



        • Industrial valves & braces.

         • In the manufacturing of locks & gears.

          • Production of pipes and water fittings.

         • For producing heat exchangers.

          • Manufacturing of musical instruments.

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