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How 3D Printing Works in Multiple Colors

While the world was busy with monochromatic 3D printing, research was on at the same time for multicolor 3D printing. Before that, printing objects in multi-color was a lengthy process, and costly. But when the research finally paid up, multicolor 3D printing became possible. Now it is possible to 3D print an object in many colors all at a time. This printing technology technology eliminated the need to re-paint object multiple time and compromise on quality. What’s more! It was cost-effective and faster as well. So let’s see how 3D printing works in multiple colors.

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While 3D printing has touched most of the areas human beings can possibly think about, it has not yet made the same kind of impact in the jewelry industry. The reason is not the shortcoming of 3D printing technology, but delusion of people. Most of us have a wrong impression that 3D printed jewelry is made of metallic plastic. What we don’t know is, 3D printing for jewelry is done using real, solid materials traditional jewelry is made from. In fact, the choice of materials of 3D jewelry printing is huge. But if you ask for best 3D printing materials to flaunt your style quotient, then gold, silver, brass, and bronze are the ones you should prefer.

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3D Printed Sound Wave Jewelry

3D printing has proven to be a boon for many sectors be it manufacturing, medical, or automotive. With this additive manufacturing technology, it is possible to transform any new concept design into reality in fast turnaround time and inexpensive manner. The biggest advantage of this wonder technology has been ‘prototyping.’ Not only any mechanical or electrical parts and components, you can also make jewelry models. In fact, 3D printing for jewelry is catching up with people at a faster rate. What’s unusual about it is, you can personalize any jewelry pieces and have a unique design matching to your voice. All you need to do is speak any words into your computer, and the generated sound wave will be used for 3D printing and giving shape to the piece of jewelry.

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The way education is parted to students needs to be changed to build better future for all. Thanks to the 3D printing technology that classroom and lab activities like teaching, guiding, and mentoring are undergoing revolution. It is the best tool education institutions can use to engage students in learning and experimenting. Moreover, producing skilled engineers, doctors, scientists, designers, and many other professionals can be easier if it is integrated into education. Here are 10 ways 3D printing can be used in education.

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3D printing has augmented many other technologies and sectors. Prototyping which was earlier complicated and time consuming is now simplified and a day’s work. Prototyping is an early model or release of a product built to test a process or concept. It also acts a technique to be replicated or learned in future. Rapid prototyping is a procedure where you can quickly make a scale model in three-dimension graphics to make a sample product. You can hire rapid prototyping services for your product to save your time and efforts.

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