The Blessing that is 3D Printing in Medical Industry

3D printing has found resonance in the medical industry owing to its simplicity of use and extensive applications. Added to this is the guarantee of quality and lower costs as compared to conventional medical and healthcare solutions. 


The evolution of 3D printing makes for a remarkable story. From the basic manufacturing, relatively simple prosthetics to the exceptional achievement of 3D printing a prototype human, the technology is now also being employed to assist in surgical procedures.

In this article, we explore some of the foremost areas where 3D printing design service is making a world of difference in the medical industry.

3D Print Assisted Surgical Procedures

Surgeries and other medical procedures are going to be the biggest beneficiaries of additive manufacturing applications in the medical sector.

  • 3D Replicas: Doctors can now look forward to test their skills on patient-specific organ replicas, before starting any major surgery that has the potential of creating complications.
  • Better Visualization of Patient Pathology: Doctors can now physically visualize patient pathology and decide on the specific course of treatment suited for the patient. 3D printed models of the body part on which surgery is slated to take place can make the surgical procedure safer and improve the chances of success manifold.
  • Patient Education: On the other hand, patients benefit as well, as surgery times are lowered and the incidence of post-surgery infection is drastically reduced. The 3D model of the patient’s body part, for example, the brain, can be used to better explain the medical condition to the patients themselves.
3D Printed Surgical product

3D Printed Surgical Instruments

The disruptive rapid prototyping technology that has come about with the advent of 3D printing has boosted mass customizations of surgical tools. There are other noticeable benefits of 3D printing medical instruments.

  • 3D print technology uses materials that are sterile and bio-friendly.
  • These instruments come with the precision and portability that are so vital in the administering of effective medical treatment.
  • Production costs of 3D printed surgical instruments are decidedly lower than those produced using conventional techniques.
  • Apart from surgical instruments, create anything from dental tools to splints and even wheelchairs.
3d printed surgical instruments

3D Printing Customized Prosthetics

Custom 3D printed parts for the medical sector is a huge phenomenon. Prosthetics need to fit the patient who is going to use it long-term.

  • 3D printing is helping to produce highly accurate prosthetics and dental implants at a significantly quicker rate than traditionally manufactured ones.
  • The most popular 3D printed prosthetics are for arms and legs.
  • It is possible to 3D print prosthetics in different metals and alloys.
  • 3D printed prosthetics are both functional as well as a sight to behold!
  • The icing on the cake is the lower price of these 3D printed parts.
3d printed customized prosthetic

Zeal 3D Printing Services

Zeal 3D printing services bring the most advanced solutions for 3D printing in Melbourne. Doctors and healthcare professionals can also avail our 3D printing services in Victoria. Medical establishments trust us to transform their digital data (e.g. MRI) to physical models in ABS or other materials.

The medical industry is on the threshold of sweeping transformations and 3D printing companies in Australia such as Zeal 3D Printing are at the forefront of this revolution.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can collaborate to improve people’s lives.

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