Best 3D Printing Materials for Jewelry Designers: Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze


While 3D printing has touched most of the areas human beings can possibly think about, it has not yet made the same kind of impact in the jewelry industry. The reason is not the shortcoming of 3D printing technology, but delusion of people. Most of us have a wrong impression that 3D printed jewelry is made of metallic plastic. What we don’t know is, 3D printing for jewelry is done using real, solid materials traditional jewelry is made from. In fact, the choice of materials of 3D jewelry printing is huge. But if you ask for best 3D printing materials to flaunt your style quotient, then gold, silver, brass, and bronze are the ones you should prefer.


3D Printing For Gold Jewelry

This yellow metal is the favourite choice of jewelry designers, jewelers, and consumers. To use it for 3D printing, a wax mold is created, using traditional hand method and digital design. However, modern-day 3D printed jewelry designers prefer the latter method. In short, a 3D wax model is the first thing that is printed by a high-resolution 3D printer. This wax model is then sheathed in a substance that resembles plaster, which is called investment. The wax model and the investment  both are heated afterwards at a high temperature for making an impression. This impression is next filled with liquid molten gold to create jewelry item, which is cleaned and polished by hand after printing process is complete. You can 3D print gold jewelry in 14 and 18 karats. Moreover, there is choice of yellow, red gold, and white color finish.


3D Printing For Silver Jewelry

The advantage of preferring silver for 3D printing is its durability and characteristic to be free of scratch, and wear. Moreover, there are also options to go for different finishes such as gloss, high-gloss, satin, rough, and mirror polish. To 3D print silver jewelry, a wax model is printed first by a 3D printer. This wax model is then used for creating a mold. When the wax model is printed, it is then encased in a plaster-like material or container. This container is developed as such to allow draining of wax and pouring-in sterling steel from each hole. When the process is complete, a high-quality 3D printed silver jewelry is obtained.


3D Printing For Brass Jewelry

If you prefer low-cost and customization for 3D printed jewelry, brass is one of the best options. 3D printed brass jewelry not only looks great, but also cost less. Further, it requires low maintenance. When you have selected brass for jewelry, you will need a design. If you have it, upload your design to 3D printing company for online 3D printing Your design will be wax-printed to create a model, which will be placed in a container that will then be filled with liquid plaster. The wax will be heated in a furnace to melt and achieve a mold. This mold will then be filled with molten brass and exposed to high temperature for making it hard. When the mold is hardened, it is broken to get the final product.


3D Printing For Bronze Jewelry

This alloy, in which copper is the main element, is affordable and usually in reddish-yellow colour. If you prefer bronze for 3D printed jewelry, you have to go for PU coating as well since it is susceptible to scratch. With PU coating, you can polish the bronze model. As far as the 3D printing process is concerned, there a few steps that are common with other 3D printing materials for jewelry. This means, a wax model is created first, which is then covered in a container with liquid plaster to form a mold. The mold is then poured with molten bronze and hardened. After which, it is broken to the final product is revealed.

These are the best 3D printing materials for jewelry designers. If you want a piece of jewelry in any of these materials with a customized design, contact Zeal 3D Printing Services. It offers a plethora of services besides 3D printing in Australia.

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