Benefits of Laser Cutting to Design for Manufacturing Process

Cutting, slicing, and shaping steel, aluminium, wood, rubber, plastics, etc. was a tedious task until five and odd decades ago. As the laser technology evolved in 1958, it brought lots of ease, safety, and efficiency. The wonders that this modern technology brought in a diverse field from medical, scientific, and manufacturing have contributed a lot in the manufacturing process. With industrialization on the rise, laser cutting service in Melbourne is booming. It is improving manufacturing process to global standard. Here are some of the benefits of laser cutting to the design for manufacturing process.

Cost and Quality

Two of the major benefits that laser cutting services have provided for designing and manufacturing process are cost and quality. With affordable and high-quality products, laser cutting is streamlining manufacturing process. Since high-heat intensity is used in shaping, cutting, and slicing metals, getting precision in products has become flexible. Whether there is a need to cut strongest alloy or the thinnest polymer, it is possible to do so in less time and accuracy by laser cutters.

laser cutting service

Since laser cutters are maneuvered using computer-aided-design programs, cutting materials in any form without actually touching them is convenient. Moreover, the precision achieved with lasers eliminates the post-cut processing, thus expediting the manufacturing process.


As lasers can cut materials of any thickness and in any complex shape, picking materials for manufacturing as per the need of the projects is convenient. But to bring the design to life, manufacturers have to choose the right materials. That’s where the expertise and experience of Zeal 3D Printing Services is essential since we offer 2D and 3D laser cutting services. We have advanced machining workshop to deliver your expectations.

Speed & Reliability

Laser cutters can cut materials faster than any other cutters used in the industry. They can cut small holes and edges sharply in any metals. The laser cutting processing is not only quicker, but reliable and efficient as well. Since computer programming is used for directing laser beams, sharpness and precision are guaranteed. There is also less human intervention required for getting desired results owing to computer-aided-design programs. So, getting error-free output is possible.

Clean Workplace and Results

Laser cutting machines deliver high-precision and edge quality as compared to traditional cutting methods. As the laser beam stays intact and firm during the cutting process, there is no dust formation. This keeps the workplace clean and without any contamination.

Zeal 3D Printing Services is reputed for providing best laser cutting Australia. We use state-of-the-art CNC lasers for cutting any materials in complex shapes.

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