Benefits and Challenges of 3D Printing in Automotive Industries

3D printing technology helps in producing real objects with the help of digital 3D models. Since it has the potential to print a digital model into physical object, it has been adopted in all forms of engineering fields, including architecture. With its potential to produce cost-effective, and efficient mechanical parts faster, automotive industry too has started using it recently. How deep 3D printing for automotive industry can be incorporated is yet to be seen though. A recent global hub event held in Barcelona by IN(3D)USTRY brought forward some benefits and challenges of assimilating the technology into automotive industry.

Benefits Of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry :-

Automotive 3D Printing  3D Printing Auto Industry

Time Savings : Designing and testing of a vehicle are time-consuming. Moreover, there is no guarantee whether the design will work out or not. If the results are not as expected, the engineers have to redo the process again. But with the ability to prototype any 3D models faster, manufacturers can test and amend the CAD design in lesser time.

Simulation : Another benefit of 3D printing in automotive industry is the ease in designing and producing customized parts. Manufacturers can leverage 3D printing for simulating a design and testing it before it goes for production. As the printed parts cane be physically tested, optimizing its performance and strength is handy.

Low Cost : The cost and weight are two major concerns for manufacturers. These two factors also affect the price of the vehicle because of expensive materials like metals used in production. Moreover, the wastage during production also inflates the cost. And as the wastage with 3D printing is low or absolutely nothing, controlling cost becomes easier.

Challenges Of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry :- 3D Printing Automotive Industry

Training people : 3D printing is done with the help of CAD models that requires skills. Training people to use this technology is not easy. Lack of skills and experiences to use this technology is a big hindrance. Since 3D printing in automotive industry is relatively a new concept, training people for designing and production is a tough task.

Materials : One of the biggest challenges is to print a model in different materials simultaneously. Moreover, the ability to use multi-material for printing is not yet explored by the 3D printing technology. Furthermore, fixing different electronics, including batteries into one single component is not yet possible. If the challenges are discouraging you to used 3D printing, contact Zeal 3D printing for automotive 3d printing service.

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