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Polished bronze - Zeal 3d Printing

3D printing is around us for a while now; people are understanding it’s potential and making the best of it. This technology was started from simply bringing 2d flat designs into 3d sculptures, but the things are significantly changed now. From designing a super fast car prototype to human bone, 3d printing services are making our life a cake walk.

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An athlete’s performance in the field somewhat depends on sport wears. If the footwear or sports equipment are not comfortable, there is no way the athlete would perform well. But such issues will soon become a thing of the past for sports industry with the emerging 3D printing technology. Several sporting brands are taking up 3D printing services due to many benefits such as low-cost, and fast prototyping and manufacturing. Thus, 3D printing in sports industry is no longer a novelty. With the application of technology in sports, athletes can now take their performance a notch higher. Here are a few reviews of 3D printing in sports industry.

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3D printing technology uses a 3D CAD model to turn it into a physical object in three dimension shape. It does the printing by laying down the printing material on a platform layer by layer until the replica of the digital CAD model is formed. It was invented during the late 1980s and was also called rapid prototyping technology. In 1986, Charles Chuck Hull invented SLA machine and registered stereolithography patent in his name. Since then, the 3D printing technology has evolved rapidly. It was introduced in Australia in the second half of the 1980s. It took time initially to get adapted though, but with advancement over the years, Australia’s history with 3D printing got impressive.

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