Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Services

Engaging customers in products and services is paramount for businesses to thrive. What makes it difficult though is the absence of an effective business tool. But the scenario is changing in the business world. Today, augmented reality service has become an effective business tool to promote and create brand awareness. It is offering a user-friendly platform to enhance real-time customer interaction. Zeal is leading the concept of augmenting reality and helping businesses across Australia and worldwide to pin potential customers as per target locations, and boost revenue.

How Augmented Reality Works?

Augmented Reality or AR takes the virtual world to a new level where users enjoy the best interactive experience by incorporating audio and video from the real-time world. AR technology enables capturing of smallest data or an image of an environment, product, building model, retail store, etc. It simulates and augments the real-world object by overlaying it on the top of virtual images. The superimposed virtual images laid over the real-world object allow users an immersive engagement with the virtual world. The blending of live video along with virtual images, audio, video, and GPS data creates an interactive digital environment. As a leading augmented reality service provider, we guarantee you location-based services to tap potential customers.

Augmented Reality Solutions

Zeal is technically equipped for providing augmented reality solutions to a number of industries. We are helping the education industry to spark curiosity in students and optimize their interest in learning. We also provide best-augmented reality app to real-estate, automobile, packaging, print media, hotel and restaurant, and other industries. All these businesses can target their customers based on location and provide more information to promote and sell products or services. Many of our clients have been using our tailor-made augmented reality applications to enhance 3D effects of their products. As an experienced AR development service provider, we cater to all types of vertical markets.

Benefits to Hire Zeal

Zeal is a specialist in augmented reality mobile app development for Android and IOS platforms. We provide our customers with business competency to enhance customer interaction and make informed decision. Whether you need a platform for enhancing 3D navigation of construction projects, or to help clients visualize the features and benefits of your products or services, we can provide innovative ways to engage your customers. Here are a few benefits to hire us:

  • Enhance online and offline shopping experience
  • Conduct effective marketing campaigns
  • Reduce errors, cost, and enhance production
  • Real-life simulations for research and learning
  • Real-time interaction with customers
  • Improved customer service

Why Us?

As one of the best augmented reality mobile app firms, we can develop the most advanced and effective tool to bring your imaginations to life. We have advanced tools to help you create your own augmented reality applications for personal and business use. Our AR developers incorporate all the essential AR features in AR mobile app that allow users to play, and test with video, audio, images, text, 3D models, etc. for engaging customers.

Augmented Reality Maintenance Service

The industrial sector has to rely on maintenance in order to ensure zero breakdowns, improved performance, quality product, and of course increased revenue. Now master the craft of maintenance with augmented reality technology. With a perfectly incorporated AR in maintenance, repair, and operating system, you can fetch a host of benefits and increase profit.

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