Augmented Reality is an amazing technology which holds immense potential. It’s being used in various domains including automobile, gaming, navigation and much more. Augmented Reality in Tourism is the next big thing after AI. Advanced application of virtual reality in tourism will not only make traveling more fun but also boost revenue on this niche.

Future of Augmented Reality in Tourism

The future of augmented reality in tourism is vast and vivid. It will bring many advantages to both tourists and tourism boards. Before going to the actual place, people can take a short tour of that place so that they can decide where to go. Augmented reality tourist experience is the new schemes launched by numerous companies to promote different destination places.

With the help of AR technology, the navigation systems are improving and making actual sense of using them. Tourist just need to open their maps, and they will be navigated through the AR system, they will be able to track routes projected on real roads.

Augmented Reality Travel Agency

A company named  Metaverse Studio is created on the go Augmented platform for everyone. Their concept is based on a QR code-based system, where the user needs to scan the code, and the virtual experience will be launched instantly whenever the user wants. This concept is built using GPS coordinates of that place at the real time for seamless experience. The number of an augmented reality service provider in tourism is increasing rapidly.

AR has Brought Multiple Revenue Models in Tourism

Along with the virtual tours and navigation systems, advertising agencies are also trying their luck in this field. Augmented reality technology for the tourism industry has opened various earning streams like AR based Ads on airports. People can experience advertisements in the augmented reality way just by scanning code by their smartphones.

Many companies are using virtual billboards for attracting customers. You will find many billboards installations at malls, train stations, and airports. Many companies are now creating their ads based on this concept, and as per research conducted by a marketing firm revealed that these ads have better conversion rates as compared to traditional multi-channel ads.

future of augmented reality in tourism

Providing More Information in Real Time

Augmented reality travel and tourism sector are benefited because of various factors like a comprehensive experience of the destination place, cost-effective solutions, and real-time information available to tourists. With the help of this platform, a user can check traveling experience, climate, main highlighted places to visit in just a single click.

People can virtually choose which restaurant or bar to go just by checking it on their phones. Take virtual tours of various restaurant and then decide where to go and never regret because of the fake reviews. Directly book your table after having a quick tour and never wait in a queue for your number.

Hotels are using this technology on their booking applications so that the customer can have a virtual tour of the room and book it with satisfaction. This concept has upscaled the tourism industries by providing more facilities to travel freaks directly on their phones.

  augmented reality travel agency  

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