A few years ago the augmented reality was a pie in the sky idea for most of the companies, but now it is accessible to everyone as the resources are available in plenty. Numerous industries are leveraging this “golden technology” to attract more customers and ultimately increase their sales. The retail sector is one of those sectors which are greatly influenced by the presence of AR-based applications.

Augmented Reality in Retail Industry

Many big brands are using augmented reality in retail stores to make their customer feel special and high-tech. Lacoste is using AR and 3d based solutions on their shoe section where the customer can virtually try any shoes without rushing in the crowd for getting the actual physical product. augmented reality in retail trends

Try clothes without wearing them

Yes! This is true, and in most of the fashion, stores are doing this to attract customers. By using a camera to sense the customer’s face and body, the AR-based algorithm will simulate the body in various outfits so that the customers can decide which piece of cloth is fitting them perfectly.

Augmented Reality Service Provider for Retailers

Many startups are providing augmented reality services to the small and mid-sized company and encouraging them to use this “future-friendly” technology as often as possible. Companies are implementing the AR concept in various formats including mobile applications, VR set up at their stores, providing virtual tours experience and much more to attract customers. As per a research conducted by a business school, 53% people tend to buy a product if they got a chance to hands-on with that product as compared to just thinking how the product will be used or look on me. These companies are also developing custom AR plans for companies who are having some unique idea which can be implemented using this. augmented reality service provider for retailer  

The Augmented Reality in Retail Environments

With AR and VR, companies are creating a whole new environment which will take the shopping experience to another world. Brands like Lacoste, BMW, Audi are converting their conventional retail chains into high-tech and modern AI and AR-based stores where the customer can feel the product in a much wider perspective. augmented reality in retail stores  

BMW is using AR

BMW company has launched their AR program in which a user can select any car model, the colour of the car, select the model of the car and the software will project that car on a big screen. This technology is helpful in the car retail sector because sometimes the model which customer is searching for is not available at that moment. To solve this problem, BMW developed a whole ecosystem where anyone can come, select the car and other details and within a few seconds, the projector will display the car prototype which can also be experienced using the virtual reality headsets. This same concept is followed by many prestigious brands to serve their customers in a much comprehensive way. These trends have increased the revenue of retail stores, and they are getting more popularity without spending a bomb on traditional marketing campaigns.

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