Augmented Reality is playing a major role in the automobile industry. From testing a new prototype to making some changes in the vehicle design, this concept is a bliss. The whole industry is modernizing and become more technologically advanced with the help of this amazing concept augmented Reality in the automobile industry.

Augmented Reality Solution in the Automobile Industry

A huge amount of research and development is going on augmented reality in the car manufacturing process. Car manufacturing companies are paying more attention to passenger safety and performing various security test on their cars using the augmented reality.

Not only safety but companies are also working on the viewing angles from the drivers perspective. By virtually projecting mapping coordinates, engineers are calculating a better viewing angle for drivers.

future of augmented reality in automobile industry

Future of Augmented Reality in the Automobile Industry

We are improving the automobile industry at blazing speed in every area. Whether it be security, comfort, usability or productivity, with the help of AR, we are making driving fun and safe experience. Companies like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, have already launched their augmented reality dashboards.

Now the drivers don’t have to look at the dashboard screen; the navigation is directly displayed on the windshield of the car. This will help the driver to focus on driving without any kind of interruption. Apart from the navigation, AR has more to offer in your car. Self-parking cars and self-driving cars are the future application in can industry.

Many car manufacturers are working on self-driving cars which will leverage the concept of AR and artificial intelligence. Even Software companies like Google is working in this niche. Self-parking concept is getting common day by day as it was first introduced by BMW in their seven series cars.

benefits of Augmented reality in automobile industry

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Automobile Industry

Embedding AR and AI in the automobile industry will bring numerous fruitful benefits to car owners. Following are some of the prominent benefits of AR in the car industry:

  1. Car Safety
Safety is the priority, and the AR is playing a major role in enhancing the safety of passengers. By augmented reality, the sensors are also able to notify drivers that someone is driving rashly and coming near to you. This feature will ensure drivers safety and avoid any kind of mishappening.
  1. Augmented Reality Car Repair
This is an innovative application of AR in the automobile industry. AR will help in detecting the problem in the car which can be missed if checked manually. This feature will work on the coordinate mapping concept in which the default dimensions of the car will be saved in the device, and the real car dimension will be compared. From the difference in the values will detect the issue in the vehicle.
  1. Navigation
This is one of the common application of AR in the automobile industry. The driver can have much better navigation directly on the windshield of the car. augmented reality solution in automobile industry

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