Augmented reality technology in the architecture industry is playing a prominent role in simplifying the process of designing and construction. With the power of augmented reality technologies such as object recognition and computer visualization, the surrounding information and data about the real world captured, processed and calculated for any purpose.

Augmented Reality Building Construction Model

This is an interesting augmented reality solution for architecture and construction domain in which practice of mapping a 3d model of construction design on to the real existing space is done using specially designed mobile applications. A company called  BN Builders are using this concept in which they project a design on a real surface to show them real infrastructure which is going to build. This kind of augmented reality architectural visualization not only help the engineers to plan the design perfectly but also the buyers of the property such that they can visualize easily what they will receive after the complete construction work is done.  

Augmented Reality Architecture Model

With the help of AR and virtual reality, the construction company can store hundreds of thousands of architectural model prototypes to showcase it wherever and whenever client ask. With the help of this architecture model, the buyers can explore the complete property demo by wearing virtual reality headsets. This is an amazing blend of reality and virtuality. These augmented reality system architecture designs will help us develop a more complicated designed step by step.

Augmented Reality Architecture Diagram

These are the special type of architecture diagrams which are developed by keeping the concept of virtual reality in mind. These diagrams can be scanned using the smartphones the phone will project the real coordinates to show the design virtually. This concept of augmented reality for construction projects is useful in understanding the blueprints and maps of the construction sites. There are various augmented reality house apps which you can use for home improvements and renovation purpose. With the help of these apps, you can completely reimagine your workspace, your home, office and more. These apps project predefined design map over the real objects and show you the output. And, you can make changes in the prototypes right from your phone. AR-marketing-architecture

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