Alumide (SLS)

QualitySmooth Surface
Min Details0.5mm
Minimum wall Thickness0.8mm
Maximum Size315x240x190mm
Heat Resistance172-180 °C
ColorGrey, Black, Blue, Red, Green

Objects printed in alumide are made from a mix of polyamide powder and fine aluminum particles. The raw material makes for a matte surface which is somewhat porous and shiny. Alumide is no more or less durable than polyamide. In fact, their physical properties are very similar. This makes for great freedom in your designs - allowing for both complex and inclosed volumes. Alumide offers great flexibility for a 3D print, especially complex models, as it is durable, and not too expensive. As a result, it can be used for ornamental objects that require metallic appearance or mechanical parts which are subject to low stresses.

With regards to water qualities, alumide is water-resistant but not waterproof. Thus the 3D object must not stay in contact with water for extended periods of time. In terms of temperature, if the alumide is subjected to heat above 120°C (248°F), the physical form of the object can significantly be altered.

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