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Agilus30(Durable and Tear Resistant) (PolyJet)

Agilus30 is a superior Rubber-like PolyJet photopolymer family ideal for advanced design

verification and rapid prototyping. Get more durable, tear-resistant prototypes that can stand

up to repeated flexing and bending. With a Shore A value of 30 in clear, black and white,

Agilus30 accurately simulates the look, feel and function of Rubber-like products. 3D print rubber

surrounds, overmolds, soft-touch coatings, living hinges, jigs and fixtures, wearables, grips and

seals with improved surface texture.

Industry Uses: Consumer Products ,Hospital and surgical ,Sports

Agilus30(Durable and Tear Resistant)(PolyJet) 3d Printing



      Minimum wall thickness: 1 mm

      Minimum details size: 0.7 mm

      Layer Thickness: 0.30 mm

     Max dimensions:  490x390x200 mm

     Surface finish: Ultra Smooth Surface.



   • Flexible (adjustable hardness material)

   • Durable

   • Withstand flexing and bending

   • Impact resistant

   • Dimensionally stable



   • General purpose prototyping

   • Jigs and Fixtures

   • Grips and seals

   • Soft-touch coatings

   • Overmold

   • Surgical modelling

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