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on time project delivery

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Australia wide expandation

Zeal 3D is present in Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

3D Scanning Services Melbourne

The technique of capturing the shape of a real-world, physical 3D object or environment is known as 3D scanning. The information gathered can subsequently be utilised to create three-dimensional digital models. 3D scanning is especially useful for measuring complex geometry. In contrast to traditional measurement methods, 3D scanning obtains extensive measurement data over complete surfaces. With a precision of 0.001, a high-end 3D scanner collects millions of XYZ measurement points, "or even better.

Our Melbourne 3D scanning services offer a wide range of 3D scanning and post-scan CAD design services to a diverse range of clients, projects, and outcomes. We are a cutting-edge 3D Scanning facility equipped with best-in-class equipment to scan things ranging from a minute highly detailed jewellery component to massive figures.

3D Scanning Services
3D Scanning

3D Scanning for Industrial and Product Designing

  • We use top-notch Industrial Scanners for capturing small details, and intricate geometries, with extreme accuracy.
  • The 3D scanning procedure can dramatically accelerate the design process.
  • Due to its high speed and accuracy, 3d scan services have become a cost-efficient solution for multiple 3d scanning tasks.
  • Designing aftermarket items is made simple.
  • We can provide output in number of formats like .stl, .obj, .3ds, .wrl, .dxf, .collada, .stl, .obj, .3ds, .wrl, .dxf, .collada
  • We have been involved in a wide range of projects over decades in the Automobile, Electrical, Manufacturing and Consumer Product industries. Thousands of projects have been successfully completed by our team.

3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

  • Converting a point cloud into a 3D CAD model is known as Reverse Engineering.
  • 3D scanning facilitates the process of gauging components that are otherwise difficult to assess.
  • Manual deconstruction can be limited while, at the same time, reverse engineering is hastened and much easier.
  • By scanning, we can acquire an object in which certain parts coincide with the original and certain parts have been deliberately modified for design objectives.
  • Use 3D scanning for reverse engineering legacy products, making alternative components and introducing fresh design features.
3d Scanning Melbourne
Melbourne 3d Scanning

3D Scanning for Inspection and Quality Control

  • 3D scanning is a beneficial quality inspection tool. It allows you to contrast the physical components with the comparable CAD models, or already-approved control piece.
  • Compare your prototypes to the original designs, and accelerate the prototyping process, with the aid of 3D scanning.
  • 3D scan service provides unparalleled accuracy in quality assurance.
  • Conduct proficient FEA analysis using 3D scanned information.

Laser 3D scanning services

Industries are increasingly taking advantage of 3D laser scanning in Australia in order to acquire extremely precise scan data and hasten the design and production process.

Laser scanners are preferred. Why?

  1. Quicker data collection.
  2. Cost-effective.
  3. Minimum risk involved.
  4. More efficient designing.

Zeal 3D is one of the top 3D scanning companies. Our cutting-edge laser scanning technologies help you to obtain scan data of superior precision. Explore our services in the fields of:

  • Metrology Scanning – highly precise information acquisition for smaller machinery.
  • Reverse Engineering – construct 3D CAD drafts of any entity to facilitate your design engineers. This is where 3D laser scanning in the automobile industry has been most productive.
  • Point Cloud Conversion – create high quality 3D models to make maximum use of your scan data.
Laser Scanning Services
3D Scanning in Australia

Industries we offer 3D Scanning Services

Automotive Industry

There are various types of 3D scanners used in the automotive sector to 3D scan entire vehicles, parts, assemblies, and so on. The 3D scanner works by taking data from the surface of a real object in order to correctly, digitally, and three-dimensionally characterize its shape. The 3D scan measurement data generated allows for faster, more accessible visual interpretation and inspection in a visual, in-depth reporting approach. The output of 3D scanning is utilized as a reference to generate CAD utilizing digital reverse engineering techniques to replicate items. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in the automotive industry are,

  • Vehicle part customization
  • Component restoration
  • Enhance modelling to inspire automotive design
  • Inspection of outsourced automotive parts
  • Manufacturing the replica of automotive accessories

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Defence Industry

The development of new technologies is transforming the way the military industry operates. Today, 3D scanning enables the military, defence, and government to quickly build any item. Additionally, it aids in the development of precise prototypes and low-volume tooling, both of which are useful in the event that a component fails. When 3D scanners are employed internally, the design team in the defence industry is given the ability to create accurate prototypes of various military parts at a lower cost than with traditional manufacturing techniques. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in the defence industry are,

  • Developing military equipment
  • 3D scanning of aircrafts for refit or space claim
  • Enhance modelling to inspire automotive design
  • First-pass manufacturing and product inspection
  • To detect damage to already-existing parts and machinery

Oil and Gas Industry

The world's most expensive and difficult projects in terms of logistics are those involving oil and gas operations. Any time a piece of machinery or a system breaks down, it can temporarily halt operations, reduce output, and ultimately result in serious setbacks. The use of laser scanning and 3D measurement systems is replacing conventional manual measurement techniques. In order to provide accurate, high-quality data, a variety of 3D scanning services are used in the oil and gas industry. We've glimpsed, scanned, and modelled it all, from reverse engineering parts for the oil exploration business to 3D scanning oil platforms. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in the oil and gas industry are,

  • Modelling, sketching, and data creation, updating, and maintenance
  • Reverse engineering and measuring of almost any size and shape of oil and gas tools
  • Scan data helps verify whether replacement parts are compatible with existing machinery and can also clearly capture tooling deterioration.
  • Reconfigure tooling components and product design.

Mining Industry

The mining industry's use of 3D laser scanning offers the ability to recreate or redesign any mining equipment or end-products. To correctly capture the physical shape and dimensions that can be duplicated using reverse engineering methods, 3D scanners can be employed to scan almost any product. For use in mining applications, exact replicas of mining tools or equipment are created by 3D scanning the actual source product. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in the mining industry are,

  • Remodel or create the existing components
  • Effectively duplicate or reconstruct the original components
  • Inspection and analysis of manufactured products.

Medical Industry

3D scanning provides doctors with a precise representation of their patients and allows them to thoroughly research potential treatments without physically testing them on the patient. They can see inside a patient's body with this technology. No other technology has ever provided doctors with such a detailed peek inside their patients' bodies. This feature of 3D scanning enables a significantly better fit and is critical for prosthesis design. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in the medical industry are,

  • Creating custom-fit orthotic solutions
  • Ergonomic prosthetic devices
  • Back braces
  • Dental implants and measurements

Artwork Industry

3D scanning has various uses in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, and the production of life-saving medical devices, but every now and then, 3D scanning plays a role in something absolutely spectacular, such as the creation of a work of art. You can utilise 3D scanning to incorporate creative techniques into your artworks, which are frequently fabricated and used in conjunction with sandable resin to form crisp-edged, smooth-faced, and multi-faceted sculptures. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in art works are,

  • Capture internal information
  • Obtain the exact replica
  • Unaffected by transparent materials

Education Industry

In the education industry, the 3D scanning method is used to precisely recreate a digital representation of an image, such as a photograph or document, for data input into a computer. A scanner optically generates digital images from paper-based printed texts and images.A 3D scanner is an essential component of STEAM Labs. The 3D scanning can immediately connect the arts, sciences, and technology sectors in a single engagement. Furthermore, 3D scanner scans and makes 3D representations of tiny to medium-sized things. These models can be used for artistic design, measurement, and 3D printing. Some of the applications of 3D scanning in education are,

  • Increasing engagement with essential concepts by shifting from conceptual learning to interactive learning
  • Enhanced three-dimensional learning
  • Bringing the physical and digital worlds together in the classroom
  • Incorporating hands-on and computer labour in creative art endeavours.

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How is the 3D Scanning Process implemented at Zeal?

1. Free Consultation: At Zeal 3D, we are always glad to chat about your projects and provide you with a free consultation on what would be the best option for you. We take pleasure in providing the finest available advice and guidance on how to use 3D scan data and achieve the desired results. Please contact us, and we would be delighted to discuss what our scanners can do and how they can be used. We will devise the best approach for you and provide you with a detailed quote and time frame.

2. 3D Scanning: We may accomplish excellent outcomes by utilising our varied variety of scanners. Our 3D scanners can scan objects as small as dental screws all the way up to massive heavy industrial equipment like trains. Because of our knowledge and experience with these scanners, we are efficient and capable of producing high-quality results. Our highly skilled professionals will ensure that you walk away with an accurate digital reproduction of your physical object using state-of-the-art 3D Scanners.

3. Post Processing: At Zeal 3D, we are able to accomplish a lot with 3D scan data because of the industry-leading software we utilise and our knowledge. Scanned data will then be processed using advanced software to produce the most accurate results. We can simply scan an object and offer you with an STL file that can be

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readily 3D printed. Furthermore, we can change, transform, and shape data based on your needs and projects. We can also Reverse Engineer your scanned object to create a comprehensive parametric model.

4. File Output: At Zeal 3D, we can accomplish excellent outcomes by utilising our varied variety of scanners. We can create a variety of file formats, each with a specialised application. To mention a few, step files, .dxf, .collada, .stl, .obj, .3ds, .wrl, and .dxf..

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3d Object Scanning Service

Why Choose Zeal 3D for 3D Scanning?

High-end Service Provider: Zeal 3D is a 3D engineering and advanced digital manufacturing services company with dedicated to consistently producing products and customised services that satisfy the needs of clients while adhering to legal regulations.

One Stop Solution: We employ high-end industrial 3D Scanners to capture minute details and complex geometries with high precision. Our team uses a professional range of scanners for quality, precision, and reliability in all of our 3D scanning services, from small, highly detailed things to massive industrial vehicles.

On-Demand Service: Zeal 3D is your one-stop destination for custom and on-demand 3D scanning services in Melbourne, as well as other 3D engineering solutions. Whether you need a single prototype or huge volumes of a product, your search for the best 3d scanning service near me ends with Zeal 3D.

Instant Quote: With Zeal 3D's superior 3D engineering services, you can convert your idea into a workable reality. Contact us right now for a quick, free quote based on your business 3D scanning scenarios and client needs.

Question and Answer

3D scanning is the technique of inspecting a physical object or environment to assemble data about its configuration and potentially its external features (e.g. color). The obtained data can then be utilized to fabricate digital 3D models.

3D scanning is a great solution for many needs. It yields measurements of intricate configurations, safeguards valuable items and can be utilized to check something against established data. While it generally spares time and money in most scenarios, it may not be the most optimal option for all assignments.

Certain tasks can be modelled or documented just as quickly and efficiently by utilizing traditional metrology instruments and it lacks the attainable precision necessary for other situations.

This inquiry is highly circumstantial as it depends on the size of the piece, where it is located, the number of particulars and a variety of other factors. We commonly ask our customers to send us snapshots and basic measurements of the part so that we can figure out an evaluation.

  • Capture all dimensions of any object quickly and accurately.
  • Cut down on design time.
  • Make sure components fit together seamlessly the first time.
  • Take advantage of engineering refinements in manufactured parts.
  • Employ contemporary production techniques on parts made before CAD.
  • Compare the designed model to the finished product of manufactured pieces.

We use einscan HD, artec spider, artec Leo scanners. When necessary, we will recruit external systems to help with particular tasks, but for the most part, we are self-sufficient.

Software for reverse engineering Geomagic, Direct X, catia.

Usually, we deliver scan data in the universal formats of step, IGeS, STL and Obj.

  • Oil & Gas Engineers & Operators.
  • Builders, Developers & AEC Companies.
  • Facility Managers.
  • BIM Managers and Architects.
  • Aerospace Engineers (ie: NASA).
  • Machinists and Mold Makers.
  • Inventors, Entrepreneurs & Product Designers.
  • Quality Managers.
  • Forensic Engineers & insurance Companies.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Artists & Sculptors.
  • Archaeologists.
  • Scientists & Researchers.
  • Dental and Orthopedic Doctors.
  • Game Designers.
  • Virtual World Creators.
  • Marketing Directors.
  • Many More..

A variety of sectors gain great profit from 3D scanning, for example, Automobile, manufacturing, aerospace, arts and history, VFX and movies, law enforcement, and health care.

Previously, reverse engineering was a lengthy and costly task as it necessitated constructing a solid model starting from scratch. However, 3D scanning has completely altered this. Engineers can now craft an exact 3D model of an existing product speedily and conveniently utilizing scan information. After the data is recorded, it can be imported into a CAD software program where it can be employed to generate a solid model of the item. In addition, 3D scans diminish the prerequisites for possessing a wide selection of metrology tools. It is much simpler to determine the radius of a feature from a 3D scan than manually measuring it from the actual product. This process is notably quicker and more effective than traditional techniques.

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