How 3D Printing Works in Multiple Colors

While the world was busy with monochromatic 3D printing, research was on at the same time for multicolor 3D printing. Before that, printing objects in multi-color was a lengthy process, and costly. But when the research finally paid up, multicolor 3D printing became possible. Now it is possible to 3D print an object in many colors all at a time. This printing technology technology eliminated the need to re-paint object multiple time and compromise on quality. What’s more! It was cost-effective and faster as well. So let’s see how 3D printing works in multiple colors.


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multicolor 3d printing
  In multicolor 3D printing process, colored powders are combined and 3D printed at the same time on the object. The process may somewhat seem similar to a 2D printer that combines multiple color inks while printing papers. Multicolor 3D printing is because of 3D printing technology such as Binder Jetting, Selective Deposition Lamination, and PolyJet. However, the widely used technology for color 3D printing is Binder Jetting.


Instead of colored ink, powders in different hues are use for multicolor 3D printing. The powder grains are glued and placed on the material bed. It is then picked by the printing head layer by layer and applied on the object. What differs this printing technology from the SLS is its non-requirement of high temperature. You can print as many colors as the printing heads installed in the 3D color printer. Each printing head applies different color on the object and the combination produces multicolor objects. You can use RGB in combination to create more than 300 different colors.


multicolor 3d printing australia

Fine powdered porous material is used for 3D multicolor prints. The multicolor 3D printing material is composite in nature and appears like sandstone. This powdered material is glued during the printing process and applied locally by printheads in the printer. When the printing is in process, each layer is colored by each printhead.For PolyJet printing, liquid photopolymer is used, which is sensitive to UV lights. So the materials used in multicolor 3D printing depends on the 3D color printer. Contact a service-provider of 3D printing in Australia for options to buy materials. Zeal 3D Printing offers 3D printing services in Melbourne to different industries. For monochromatic and multicolor 3D printing in Melbourne, call 1300 719 729.

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