3D Printing Trends to Watch for in 2018

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing has impacted manufacturing and construction industries tremendously. The revolutionary technology has provided an efficient tool to manufacturers to conceive and translates ideas into viable objects. As improvement being added to this technology every year, expectations and curiosity on where it is heading are high. We expect to see these following trends in 3-D printing in 2018.

New Ideas and New Materials

3D Printing Materials in Melbourne

With 3-D technology tapping the potential of different printing materials, 3D printing services will be used more for customizing engineering and mechanical parts. This will fan the demand for materials that can endure the printing process. With several entry-level desktop printers making a foray into manufacturing field, experimenting with different materials such as thermoplastics, and gel-like materials will be on the rise.

Low Cost and Higher Demand

With companies adopting additive manufacturing, 3D printing service in Australia will soon become affordable. We can see an increased use of 3-D printing trends in 2018 forcing vendors to partner with manufacturers for providing metal materials. As 3-D printing is projected to be used on a large scale, developing a competitive pricing structure for materials will grow.

Wide Use of 3-D Printing

3D Printing in Australia

While aerospace, automotive, medical, and educational industries have already embraced 3-D printing, a growing trend is expected to be seen in the manufacturing of tools, fixtures, and equipment used in aiding the manufacturing process. In fact, services of 3D printing in Melbourne have been used earlier for producing custom plastic parts. Those 3D printed replacement parts have helped people in maintaining an item they cherish.

Customizable Parts

Though customizing parts to fit a particular device or equipment are successfully tested with additive manufacturing, we will see a growing trend in this practice, especially the healthcare industry. More and more experiments on testing 3D printing for body implants, creating surgical jigs, etc. are expected in 2018. Until now, 3D printing in Australia was used to convert MRI data into physical models.

Advanced Printing Applications

3D printing was limited to printing a product with specific dimension. The technology was not yet developed to use multiple materials simultaneously for printing as well. But with modifications in 3D printing machines, invention of new materials, and advanced applications to push the limit of scalability, printing products in large size and with multiple materials will be the trend. With improved feasibility, 3-D printing will prove to be a game-changing technology. You can try a small project related to medical, architectural, or automotive with Zeal 3D Printing, which offers online 3D printing services. Just upload your CAD file on their website for a home delivery of the 3D parts.

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