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Architectural 3D Printing
3D Printed Turbo Jet Engine Prototype
SLS 3D Printed Part
Black Acrylate
3D Printing Stainless Steel
Vero White 3D Printed Bottle
PolyJet Colour 3D Printing
3D Printed Jet Painted (SLA)
Transparent Resin Plastic(SLA)
3D Printing Figurine
ABS (FDM 3D Printing)
Castable Wax
Silver Ring 3D Printing
Full Color Sandstone (CJP)
Sandstone (CJP)
Vaccum Casting
Matte Black Steel
3D Printed Topography Multicolor Polyjet
Agilus 30 White (flexible) 3D printed cover (PoyJet)
ABS Resin Plastic(SLA) Chrome Plated Jet
ABS Resin Plastic(SLA)
Multicolor Polyjet
Nylon 12 CF(FDM) 3d Printed Clamp
Nylon 12 CF(FDM) 3D Printed Control Panel Lid
Nylon Plastic(SLS) 3D Printed Gears
Nylon12 Battery Box
Nylon12 Rotary Cap Cover Front
Vero Black PolyJet 3D Printed Casing
Vero Clear(Polyjet) 2
Vero Clear(Polyjet)
3D Printed Vero Clear(PolyJet)
Vero White (PolyJet)


Welcome to the world of impeccable 3D printing services in Sydney! At Zeal 3D Printing Services, we empower you with a chance to transform your creative ideas into a work of reality and innovation beyond any horizon. Regarded among the best 3D printing companies in Sydney, we help you give a definite dimension to your imagination and enable you to present this world with the most advanced possibilities.


At Zeal 3D Printing Services, our main aim is to provide our clients with supreme-quality facilities on time and without any hidden costs or broker markups. Our wide range of services include but aren’t limited to:

  • 3D Printing – Considered as the premium Australian 3D printing service Sydney, we offer our clients a wide variety of printing and drafting services that allow them to transform their ideas into almost perfect three-dimensional prototypes. Our effective services, highly competitive 3D printing service cost in Sydney and custom 3D printing opportunities make us stand out as one of the best 3D printing companies in Sydney. In our years of operation, we have served several notable medical, architectural, and automotive industries with their 3D printing models needs.
    • Metal 3D printing – Using our Selective Laser Melting (SLS) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technologies, we can easily mold various metals like aluminum, nickels allows, steel, cobalt-chrome, gold, silver etc. to produce parts for a wide range of possible functions. Each material used comes with its own unique features. The printed parts can be polished, drilled, and milled. 3D metal printing reduces wastes and expedites production.
    • Contributions to medical science – Zeal’s commitment towards putting customers first has also contributed to our forays into medical science. We use biocompatible materials only that are ideal for medical applications. Some of the material choices we offer include ABS-M30i if you are looking a strong and sterile FDM material, ULTEMTM 1010, one of the strongest and most heat-resistant FDM thermoplastic, MED625FLX, MED610 and MED620 for achieving precision in visualization. They provide over 30 days skin contact suitability.
  • 3D Designing - We don’t only facilitate 3D printing service in Sydney but also help our clients with 3D designing using only the best 3D design software available in the market. Some of the services we offer include Conceptual Design, Product Design Development, Medical Machinery Design, and Components/Parts Design Development.
  • 3D Scanning – We, at Zeal 3D Printing Services, use some of the best available 3D scanners in the industry to cater to all kinds of short-range and long-range 3D designing tasks. Our 3D scanning facility includes Onsite 3D scanning of large objects, Dimensional inspection, Face and body scanning, and much more.
  • Zeal 3D Vacuum Casting – One of the most common prototyping and manufacturing processes, 3D Vacuum casting allows clients to create master moulds as well as cost-effectively recreate parts and components. Offering a premium vacuum casting service in Sydney, we facilitate master patterns, mould making, as well as casting copies at amazing prices.
  • Zeal CNC Machining Services – Our unmatched and customized Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Machining service is capable of handling varied machining, turning and milling services. Our expertise is unparalleled in this domain, and together with our 3D printing, we have become the most sought-after engineering company for advanced prototyping and manufacturing. We are skilled in machining parts in metals, plastics, and various materials. Our talented machinists will also recommend specialty materials that suit your project. nd assess new items rapidly, monetarily and with less hazard.
  • Zeal Injection Moulding – Using highly advanced machinery and a team of extremely talented professionals, our injection moulding service in Sydney include but isn’t limited to gears, enclosures, knobs, automobile parts, robot parts, and much more. We also provide our clients with a chance to upload their 2D or 3D file on our website for an instant quote on our injection moulding service.

Superior Quality

Our team of professionals includes some of the top skilled and exceptionally trained engineers and designers who, with their years of expertise, are equipped to work with technologically supreme printing materials such as Nylon, ABS or PLA Plastic, Transparent Acrylic as well as White Acrylic. Our professionals are trained to offer you the supreme-most rapid prototyping service in Sydney. We use only the most advanced 3D printing Officeworks tools to bring you the best.

At Zeal 3D Printing Services, we understand that every client and their requirements are unique, which is why we aim at offering flawless, customised Zeal printing solutions according to our clients’ needs and specifications. Irrespective of your online 3D printing need in Sydney, we have got you covered. Our customer-centric behaviour paired with brilliant services make us rank among the best 3D Printing Companies in Sydney. 

Our prestigious list of clients boasts of some of the leading injection moulding companies, medical establishments, educational establishments, and many more. We also cater to automotive 3d printing industry requirements in Sydney. 

Sydney Wide Delivery

Our services in Sydney cater to all businesses and establishment across the city. Trust us to ensure that you don't have long waiting times and receive your 3D Printed parts where ever you live in Sydney.

Transparent Pricing

We offer a transparent pricing model with absolutely no hidden costs which makes us one of the most preferred choices for all our short-term and long-run commercial clients.

An affordable sudney 3D Printing Services for many Markets

Your search for reliable and quality-driven 3D printing stores ends with us. With over 15 years of experience in the industry 3d printing, we have developed a mark for ourselves in terms of quality, pricing, services, as well as timeliness. We have spent the better part of our existence in catering to various sectors and fulfilling their custom-engineered prototypes for short-run and full-scale commercial applications.

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