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Architectural 3D Printing
3D Printed Turbo Jet Engine Prototype
SLS 3D Printed Part
Black Acrylate
3D Printing Stainless Steel
Vero White 3D Printed Bottle
PolyJet Colour 3D Printing
3D Printed Jet Painted (SLA)
Transparent Resin Plastic(SLA)
3D Printing Figurine
ABS (FDM 3D Printing)
Castable Wax
Silver Ring 3D Printing
Full Color Sandstone (CJP)
Sandstone (CJP)
Vaccum Casting
Matte Black Steel
3D Printed Topography Multicolor Polyjet
Agilus 30 White (flexible) 3D printed cover (PoyJet)
ABS Resin Plastic(SLA) Chrome Plated Jet
ABS Resin Plastic(SLA)
Multicolor Polyjet
Nylon 12 CF(FDM) 3d Printed Clamp
Nylon 12 CF(FDM) 3D Printed Control Panel Lid
Nylon Plastic(SLS) 3D Printed Gears
Nylon12 Battery Box
Nylon12 Rotary Cap Cover Front
Vero Black PolyJet 3D Printed Casing
Vero Clear(Polyjet) 2
Vero Clear(Polyjet)
3D Printed Vero Clear(PolyJet)
Vero White (PolyJet)

3D Printing Companies in New Zealand

Zeal is the largest provider of 3d printing services in New Zealand. Get your most anticipated idea crafted into reality leveraging modern printing technologies. We at Zeal understands every nut and bolt about your project and suggest you the most impeccable and perfect solution. Our team is always ready with their decade of experience to turn your vision into a beautiful existence.

Professional 3D Printing Services From Zeal

We hit the right string of innovation backed up with powerful technologies to craft your vision into a 3d prototype. We offer you numerous additive manufacturing services under a single roof. From 3d designing to prototyping to final 3d printing, we conduct every step in-house with our experienced and certified team of engineers.

Our team has excellently optimized the entire additive manufacturing process to deliver you quality products in less time. You can expect swift delivery of your project from us without compromising even a bit with the quality. Your work satisfaction is our appreciation.

We have worked with clients across the globe and helped them in achieving optimum business process using our sheer technology and manpower. From automobile to architecture and education, our services are up and ready to boost your business. Experience the largest 3d printing services in New Zealand with us.

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