3D Printing Revolutionise Prosthetic Limbs and Care For Amputees

The 3D printing service is an exceptional technology has been using since the start of the century for transforming medicine. This technique has helped the millions of people across the world by giving them prosthetic they need. Perhaps, another technique can substitute it for getting a rapid and economical creation of bespoke products.

3D Printing in Australia
3D Printing Prosthetic LImb


In this technological world, professionals have developed 3-D printed facial reconstruction parts for cancer patients, skin for burn victims, an orthopedic implant for pensioners, and much more development in overcoming other problems. Apart from these, this fast-developing 3d printing in Melbourne has developed Prosthetic Limbs that are treating the people lost their body parts such as arms or legs due to an accident. Some people are born with the congenital conditions, this prosthetic technology is helpful in these Circumstances as well. Although this technology is not entirely successful to do complex tasks, it helps the victim to indulge in their basic required tasks themselves without the help of crutches.

Zeal 3D printing is a prominent company based in Melbourne, Australia offering the state of art 3D printingwith accuracy with 80 microns at budget-friendly prices. Our 3d printing in Australia has helped the victims to turn their dreams into reality since for a decade. We are well-known to provide a portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions fulfilling the end-to-end requirement of customers. We are always up-to-date to understand our customer’s needs and ensure a customized 3D printing anytime.

3D Printing Prosthetic LImb

Apart from these, we have veteran designer and engineers that concentrate on multiple projects within a short span. Moreover, we can work using online 3d printing option so that your company and we can work together on an online platform and know the update of the project. In brief, we are committed to provide you the best quality for your 3D printed models and work with the top-notch

Prosthetics process involves a lot of work and expertise to develop the exact requirement. Slowly but surely, this prosthetics 3d printing service also titled as additive manufacturing. This technology was first used by a four-year girl. She was born without her right foot. She found difficult to stand, walk, and play with her friends. She felt lonely. But when she was given a prosthetic leg, she was able to stand, walk and run properly. After a successful result, these Prosthetic Limbs have been using and caring for Amputee

To get these amazing 3d printing services in Melbourne, Zeal 3D printing is welcoming you all time. These 3D printingsupports the wide range of industries, especially medicine. We use proven 3D printing technologies like stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM) and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), and CNC machining and vacuum casting to give the product the best opportunity to shine.

You can get 3d printing servicesanytime by, call or email to Zeal 3D printing. We are always looking forward to giving treatment to patients by using other advanced technology of prosthetic limbs.

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