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Our 3D Printing services in Perth has multiple FDM 3D printers and SLS for all your needs! We now have Dimensions top end model which is the SST 1200es. We have a maximum build size of 10x10x12 inches on our SST 1200es which uses 40% stronger ABS than our Dimension BST 768. In addition to our 3D printing services we also offer 3D modeling, .stl file format conversion, .stl file repair, and .stl file splitting (for large parts). Both of our 3D printers "print" parts from ABS plastic which is available in several colors. Our printers have a build layer down to .01 inches in thickness. We have a very fast turn around time, some parts can be received in less than three days from an order! Our 3D printing services in Perth are worth to check out.
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Zeal 3d Printing services is one of Perth's premier 3D printing companies, offering a wide range of rapid prototyping services that will transform your 3D CAD models into dimensionally accurate plastic or metal prototypes using one or more additive manufacturing technologies such as FDM, SLS, SLA and DMLS. We at Zeal 3D Printing strive for quality and sincerity. Our expert designers and engineers understand your requirements and their significance.

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Our online 3D printing services  quote system provides quotes quickly and accurately. Our impressive array of 3D printers allows us to provide 3D printed models as early as the next day, anywhere in Australia. With our expertise, attention to detail and ability to deliver prototypes according to your schedule, Axis can help you at each stage of product development, from 3D design services to managing additive manufacturing projects using 3D printers. Our online 3D printing in Perth is beneficial as it saves your time and efforts.
Perth is one of the popular city in Western Australia. It is fourth most populated city of the country. The central business district of Perth is booming with commercial and residential projects. The overall development of Perth has been satisfying making it one of the viable cities in Australia. 3D Printing technology has been spreading its wings to various countries and Australia is not behind.
Several industries have been dependent on this technology. The kind of impact this technology is creating through its experiments and researches has been appreciating. It has become a minor production technology or even testing tool for various products before its launch. You can judge the success of the product like its quality and durability through this technology. Many companies have come up who offer 3D printing services to you. However, you need to choose the one that offers you complete package for all your digital needs.
Internet has become one of the easy communication medium. You can search on the internet and finalise the company that suits your requirements. While hiring, you need to check the company’s work profile and its presence in the field. Timely delivery is also one of the major factor. Zeal 3D Printing stands apart through its quality, dedication and variety of work, which makes it one of the best 3D printing in Perth.
The idea of using Zeal 3d Printing Services Perth for all your short and long-term production requirements can be value for your time and money.
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