3D Printing in Education: Straddling Digital and Physical Worlds

Educators are increasingly turning to 3D printing services in Australia to revolutionize classroom teaching and improve the learning environment. Easily accessible and vastly applicable, 3D printing in schools is rendering the classroom with a level of creativity unknown before.

You can now employ a 3D printing design service to change the way education is imparted, from the elementary level through to universities. What’s more, 3D printing applications find resonance in any subject you can think of!

Some examples…

  • 3D printed prototypes for engineering design students;
  • 3D modeling to help architecture students;
  • 3D printed archaeological artifacts to inspire budding historians;
  • 3D printed artwork for students of graphic designing;
  • 3D printed topography, population maps and other resources for Geography students;
  • Custom 3D printed parts for testing to help automotive students;
  • 3D molecular structures for Chemistry students to better understand concepts and formulae;
  • 3D printed cellular structures, 3D models of viruses, organs and other biological objects to aid students of Biology;

From these examples, it is clear as daylight that the applications of 3D printing are quite vast in the field of education. Now, let us tell you about how the examples cited above truly benefit your classroom. Keep reading!

3D Printing in Education

3D Printing and its Benefits in the Field of Education

If you are a true educator and want to nurture your students’ creativity, then 3D printing is the way to go. This technology is designed to encourage students to think outside the box and collaborate with fellow students to realize their visions and to test out their ideas in the real world. Apart from this most fundamental benefit of 3D printing in education, there are other added advantages as well.

Implement a practical, hands-on teaching method: Help your students transform from being passive observers to active participants with 3D printing applications in your classroom. As we are all aware, the present system of learning is heavily inclined towards theoretical knowledge, leaving very little space for practical demonstrations in the real world. Now, you have the power to change that by integrating 3D printing technology into your teaching and providing a hands-on learning method for your students.

Make your lessons more engaging and interactive: Just like the revolutionary introduction of computers before this, 3D printing in classrooms is all set to have a transformative effect on the way we view education and learning. Technology has always been appealing to young minds. It has spurred them on to be more engaged and encouraged interactivity where conventional teaching system has failed.

Inculcate problem-solving skills: Educators and educational psychologists have observed that 3D printing in education has the ability to expedite the development of problem-solving skills in young learners. As students are exposed to a new technology that is engaging and informative, they push themselves to overcome challenges which they would otherwise not persist with for long.

Encourage innovation: Use 3D printing as a learning aid to encourage innovative thinking among students in their formative years. 3D printing-based curriculum is aimed at empowering students to take on future challenges head-on.

3d printing in schools

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Education is not child’s play. It requires expertise and preferably experience. At Zeal, we offer both. Our consumer-friendly rapid prototyping services have been set up to help students, designers, makers, and hobbyists to get prototypes up and running and to turn their dreams into reality.

Zeal 3D Printing can custom print tools and models for students in various vocations, including architecture, applied science such as chemistry, biology as well as social sciences such as history and geography. Our rapid prototyping services offer engineering students the edge they need to win over competitions. Also, avail of our wide range of 3D printers to transform a classroom and create the right environment for interactive learning.

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