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Zeal is the largest 3D printing company in Melbourne offering a wide array of Industrial 3D Printing services to bridge your enticing imagination with robust technologies. We believe in cutting-edge modern tech to simplify your complex requirements & turn them into a beautiful, touchable reality. Our team is always ready to discuss your exciting ideas and creating something wonderful out of it.

3D Printing in Brisbane

Experience the largest custom 3d printing services in Brisbane with Zeal. Right from crafting your 3d design for your amazing idea to 3d printing your full-proof masterpiece, we offer you a wide range of services under a single roof.

We are having a certified and experienced team of additive manufacturing enthusiasts who makes sure sheer perfection in every project. We are an award-winning 3d printing service company providing quality services to numerous companies.

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The 3d printing process mainly involves four major steps. These steps start with drafting the design of the product to the final prototyping and printing of the object. Let's have a quick look into these steps:

  1. 3d Concept of the object-

The whole process starts from 3d cad designing of the product. Concepts are drawn on a paper, and blueprints are being prepared first before leveraging the 3d designing service.         

  1. 3d Design-

Once the blueprint of the design is ready, the further step of additive manufacturing is the designing phase. How the product will look, what kind of texture the product will have, and what are the key customization requirements are involved in the complete product is decided in the  3d cad designing phase.

  1. Product printing process-

After finalizing each and every parameter for product manufacturing, now it's the time for initializing the printing process. The 3d printing process works in a layer by layer manufacturing There are various technologies like FDM, SLA, SLS, POLYJET, DMLS, SLS, MJF, etc

  1. Final Product ready to use-

Once the final object is being printed, it is the turn for giving a final makeover to the object by removing the support materials and polishing out uneven textures. After the final finishing, the 3d printed product is ready to use.


Industrial and commercial 3d printing technologies are of numerous types depending on the requirement and what kind of material is going to be used. Following is the list of the most used industrial 3d printing technologies.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

FDM is the oldest and most proficient 3d printing technology in which the object is printed by selectively depositing melted filaments in a pre-set dimension in a layer by layer fashion. The materials used in FDM are thermoplastic polymers which come in filament form. This process is perfectly suitable for small batch production.

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA is a widely used additive manufacturing process in which an object is manufactured by selectively a polymer resin in a layer by layer approach using an ultraviolet (UV) laser beam source. The resins used in the SLA process are photosensitive thermoset polymers that come in a liquid form. We have a wide range of material options available for 3d printing in SLA technology    

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

In Selective laser Sintering process, micro granules of plastic, ceramic or glass are infused together by heat using a high-power laser to form a solid, three-dimensional object. It is also widely used for color 3d printing service.    

PolyJet Printing

PolyJet printing is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces refined, accurate and polished parts, rapid prototypes and utility tooling. With the help of microscopic layer resolution, the accuracy achieved here is 0.014 mm. It can manufacture thin walls and detailed complex shapes using the desired filament.

There are various multicolor polyjet materials are available which are used for creating figurine and interesting miniatures. We offer a complete range of polyjet printing to craft your every idea into a reality.

Plastic Injection Molding & CNC Machining Services

We are one of the largest companies offering best in class plastic injection molding and vacuum mold casting services to cater your every need.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding is a manufacturing method for crafting parts by injecting the molten material into a mold to get the desired shape. The injection molding process can be performed with a host of material commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control is an automated control process of machining tools and 3D printers by means a predefined computer program. A CNC machine holds the item to meet customizations done by a coded programmed.


We offer our additive manufacturing, injection molding, vacuum casting and CNC machining service to numerous industries. Here are a few niches where we deliver our high-quality services such as precision CNC milling and more.    

  1. Automobile:

The automobile sector is growing at a rapid speed and demands bulk additive manufacturing applications. Zeal offers amazing services such as vacuum casting service and CNC precision machining applications to cater their every 3d printing requirements.    

  1. Construction:

As we are getting modern day by day, the construction industry is also elevating their designs and architecture to attract more people towards them. We offer complex prototype manufacturing applications using robust technologies like plastic injection mold making, and more.

  1. Custom product designing:

We are among the largest additive manufacturing and injection molding company which promises to draft any of your complex product design into a beautiful and robust end product. Get a 3d printing instant quote for your product design and manufacturing from our team. Call us now to know more.

  1. Medical Industry:

Additive manufacturing is completely transforming the medical industry for a better future. Just because of this interactive application, students can learn arduous concepts in an easy way. We are proud 3d designing service provider helping education domain.

  1. Education Industry:

The education industry is among the largest consumers of 3d printing technology. We are a proud partner of many schools and universities providing quality education solutions to make learning a sheer fun. Our team is expert in creating interactive educational 3d models to make the study sessions more attentive and interesting.


  1. We bring you the complete project control in your hand, so you don't have to compromise with anything. Our team makes sure to take continuous feedback from your side to assure the desired product.
  1. Zeal is the hub for the talented and certified team of enthusiastic engineers who are competent in operating according to your all specifications.
  1. We use advanced technological enhancements to make sure you always receive the greatest benefit for your money along with sheer excellence.
  1. We offer you the excellent low-cost 3d printing service for your every project. Right from designing to printing, we do it all.
  1. Get the fastest turnaround time for your every complicated plan from our team without cutting the quality. The complexity of the design doesn’t matter; we surpass it and offer you the most sound and dynamic output. From offering excellent additive services to CNC milling service, our team is always ready to make your idea happen.

Apart from 3d printing, we also offer these amazing services:

  • CNC machining
  • CAD designing
  • Injection molding
  • Vacuum casting
  • FEA
  • Augmented Reality
  • Fabrication
  • Laser cutting

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