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3D Printing Becoming Smart Manufacturing Style With Industry 4.0

The world of manufacturing and mass production is moving forward at a blazing speed leveraging robust digital technologies. We have already witnessed the capabilities of advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing, AI, automation, now it’s time for something more futuristic.

This is the era of digital transformation, and the whole manufacturing lineups are moving towards industry 4.0. If you are thinking about what exactly is industry 4.0 in manufacturing, then read this complete article. We will deep dive into what this modern term is all about and what are its future aspects and impact on us. So, let’s have a look at it.

What is Industry 4.0 is all about?

Before we directly introduce you to Industry 4.0 (which is also known as the fourth revolution in manufacturing), let’s understand it’s previous versions. Centuries ago, people used to generate power through steam and manual efforts (both human and animal) that time was coined as industry 1.0. As things improved, manufacturers invented bulk assembly lines (thanks to the invention of electricity), that was the Industry 2.0.

As things started getting better and advanced, industry 3.0 started evolving (this was the time of computers), people almost automated their business models to expand their business by automating the entire process. This time is known as Industry 3.0.

And the most anticipated i.e. industry 4.0 is all about the interconnectivity between machines, real-time data processing, powering and controlling factories through the Internet. Basically, industry 4.0 is all about improving and pushing industry 3 to a whole new level of improvements and automation.

If we talk about industry 4.0 technologies, it includes augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and 3d printing. Among all these technologies, the most demandable tech is additive manufacturing. Let’s have a look at how this new trend will transform the additive market.

Industry 4.0 for manufacturing

Immense Growth of 3d printing in various industries:

3d printing is boosting every industry, whether it’s automobile, construction, healthcare or education, additive manufacturing’s applications are everywhere. In just a couple of years, industries have adopted this new platform over their traditional assembly line.

If we talk about the automobile industry, almost more than 40% of the total manufacturing is done through the additive process, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility at any given point of time.

Other than the automobile, one of the most transformed businesses in the construction and architecture niche where the engineers are no behind in pushing the extreme limit of creativity. Just because of this advancement, engineers were able to create complex skyscrapers with an accurate risk assessment which was not possible earlier.

One of the most lucrative industries where the 3d printing application is actually playing wonders is the healthcare domain. Right from creating 3d printed prosthetics to real skin tissues, everything is possible using this amazing technology.

The use of additive applications in every niche has brought an immense transformation which is making everyone’s life easier and more comfortable.

Industry 4.0 in 3d printing

3d printing is still trending and evolving technique, but with the impact of this new transformation, additive manufacturing will get a tremendous boost. This is the time of factories of the future where the complete printing assembly will be automated and smartly interconnected.

3D Printing in industry 4.0

Following will be the beneficial aspects of 4.0 in the printing niche:

  1. Faster and smarter processing:

With the association of 4.0, the companies will be able to exponentially grow their business because of the facility of commanding power they will get. As everything will be automated, less manual power will be needed, and hence, it will save money in the long run.

  1. More Agility to the companies:

The benefit of having accurate real-time data about the entire production line is that the engineers can easily scale up and downgrade the 3d printing cluster to save more time in maintenance and focus on core priorities. It’s giving more flexibility and making the industries more agile.

  1. Enhanced quality:

Nothing is more important that fine quality and customer satisfaction. With such an amazing blend of modern technologies and types of machinery, the quality is improved exponentially. Because of the automation process, the chances of human errors have come to an end. If you are reading this piece from Australia & suburbs and searching for best 3d printing service provider in Australia, just take out your phone and check out the list of professional 3d companies over the Internet, it’s that easy.

  1. Better ROI:

These tech platforms are optimizing the traditional business models and are really helping them in achieving higher ROI by cutting numerous futile costs. Engineers are now able to optimize the entire working cluster of additive manufacturing using AI and ML. There are many startups of 3d printing in Melbourne who are doing R&D to make the entire industry cost-effective and more powerful.

We hope you got an idea about what the 4.0 is all about and how it can benefit the additive manufacturing industries using smart technologies. It’s not wrong to say that, this is just a beginning to a more advanced production ecosystem which will benefit everyone.

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