3 Amazing Projects You Should 3D Print Right Now

3D printing technology has provided a platform to people who want to take their creativity to the next level and give innovations a new meaning. Whether one wants to create something out of a hobby, or for commercial purpose, 3D printing has made it easier. In fact, hobbyists, engineers, scientists, educationalists, and public and private organizations are taking up 3D printing service rapidly.

Since the latest 3D printers are easy to use and are compatible with advanced CAD software, you can take these 3 amazing 3D print projects.

Musical Instruments

3D Printed Musical Instrument
Musical 3D Model

If the price tag on a violin or a guitar overwhelms you, print one of your own. 3D printing a guitar that you can use for a rock concert, or a violin to perform in an auditorium is possible. Though the material you will be using in printing musical instruments, the 3D printed guitar and violin will sound as good as as the wood. However, the accessories that are used to play the instrument have to be purchased since you cannot print strings and tuners. You can even 3D print a violin or guitar in your favorite color. If you want to take a professional approach for creating design files, you can consult a company into 3D printing in Australia.

Custom Busts

Custom Bust 3D Printing
3D Printing Custom Bust

Do you idolize a war hero or a famous personality from entertainment, sports, politics, or any other fields? Then take your admiration higher by 3D printing a replica of the well-known personality. For this project, you will need a digital camera with good resolution. Just click and upload the photograph on CAD software to create a 3D model. Then give a ‘Print’ command to the 3D printer. Of course, you have to stack printing materials on the printer before that, and the busts will be ready in a few hours. You can even 3D print a dwarf version of yourself, family members, or friends. Just imagine anything and create a figurine.

Prosthetic Hand and Fingers

3D Printing Prosthetic Hand
Prosthetic Hand 3D Printing

If any of your friends or relatives have lost a hand or fingers in an accident, you can help them by 3D printing a prosthetic hand or fingers. If you don’t have access to 3D printer, take service of 3D printing in Melbourne. 3D printing prosthetic parts of human body is not expensive, but takes around 12 to 14 hours. The artificial part will be like a gauntlet with articulated fingers that help the wearer to bend and straighten writs and move fingers.

3D printing technology has been contributing fairly in making human lives better and unleashing creativity and innovations. You can be a part of this intriguing technology with these 3D print projects.

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