10 Ways 3D Printing Can Be Used In Education

The way education is parted to students needs to be changed to build better future for all. Thanks to the 3D printing technology that classroom and lab activities like teaching, guiding, and mentoring are undergoing revolution. It is the best tool education institutions can use to engage students in learning and experimenting. Moreover, producing skilled engineers, doctors, scientists, designers, and many other professionals can be easier if it is integrated into education. Here are 10 ways 3D printing can be used in education.

3d printing in education

3D Printing For Teaching Mathematics

Performing the complex calculations to achieve the right shape, size, and dimension of an object, structure, etc. is overwhelming. With 3D printing, students can have a tool to print objects in different shapes and combine them to form one solid object. Visualizing functions and fractals for attaining symmetry and four-dimensional space in physical objects is possible.3D printing service in educationcan be used for making details of mathematics creative and fun.

3D Printing For Teaching Geography

Learning physical features of an area, and printing population maps related to a specific area is possible with 3D printing service in schools. Teachers can provide teaching with 3D printing technology to students. It will help them extract data from spreadsheet and convert it into a physical object to explain topography, maps, and demographic.


It is impossible for education institutions to visit historical or archaeological sites often. They can neither store historical artefacts, nor show students how mummies were made. By using educational 3D printing service, they can print artefacts and engage students in discussion. This will help students to see and relate physical objects to the historical events.

3D Printing For Teaching Chemistry and Biology

3D printing is changing classrooms and laboratories in surprising ways. Now education institutions can manufacture customized equipment for science lab that can be used to form virtual representation of molecules. Further, chemistry students can print 3D molecules models and biology students can print vital parts of human and animal bodies. With 3D printed models, students can understand how a process works, such as the neurological functions of the brain, heart, liver, kidney, etc.

3D Printing For Teaching Architecture

Architecture is one of the growing professions since it is used in providing the basic needs such as homes, offices, and infrastructure to citizens. While CAD-software has been an integral part of architecture, 3D printing has improvised the teaching process. Whether students are learning to build bridges, roadways, or commercial and residential structures, they can visualize and see concrete examples of their ideas with 3D printed objects. Integrating mathematics and building models simultaneously using 3D printing technology is now a refined process.

3D Printing For Teaching Custom Artwork Frames

Honing geometry skills from the beginning to enable understand the balance between weight, size, and measurement can be possible by building modular artwork frames. Students can also use the frame for creating artistic customized display as they can mount and dismount it with ease for any types of decorations.

Creating Physical Models From Data

The 3D printer can help students brainstorm, visualize, and create physical objects from scratch. This will help in testing models of architecture, mechanical, medical, electronics, etc. and make the final version perfect. Schools can use 3D data for inspiring children for creativity and innovation.

Making Props To Apply Different Concepts

Students can 3D print props in the classroom such as electronic circuit, mold, and other instruments. The printed models can be used to implement concepts and getting acquainted with more technological terms. These props can also provide students with abilities to see and understand an object from different angle, views, height, weight, and size.

Solving Real-Life Problems

No matter how good is the governance of a country, solving every single problem of citizens may take time, or possibly be overlooked. By providing students with 3D printing technology and narrating them problems of the community, they can develop something unique that no one else has ever thought. The solution could be simple such as protecting home from fire, but it can have a major impact overall.

Printing Equations

Algebra equations are undeniably tough to fathom. By integrating 3D printing into teaching, schools can help reform algebra teaching. They can create 3D objects that can help students visualize and understand how to solve mathematical problems. When students get to see and hold what they have worked on, it will motivate them to excel in geometry.

Children need to be given the best tools in order to master academic subjects and have a brush with the real-world scenarios. Hence, it is important that education institutions upgrade themselves and fulfill the demand of changing needs of teaching and training. Contact the best 3D printing service in Australia to know in detail on how 3D printing can be used in education.

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