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Architectural 3D Printing
3D Printed Turbo Jet Engine Prototype
SLS 3D Printed Part
Black Acrylate
3D Printing Stainless Steel
Vero White 3D Printed Bottle
PolyJet Colour 3D Printing
3D Printed Jet Painted (SLA)
Transparent Resin Plastic(SLA)
3D Printing Figurine
ABS (FDM 3D Printing)
Castable Wax
Silver Ring 3D Printing
Full Color Sandstone (CJP)
Sandstone (CJP)
Vaccum Casting
Matte Black Steel
3D Printed Topography Multicolor Polyjet
Agilus 30 White (flexible) 3D printed cover (PoyJet)
ABS Resin Plastic(SLA) Chrome Plated Jet
ABS Resin Plastic(SLA)
Multicolor Polyjet
Nylon 12 CF(FDM) 3d Printed Clamp
Nylon 12 CF(FDM) 3D Printed Control Panel Lid
Nylon Plastic(SLS) 3D Printed Gears
Nylon12 Battery Box
Nylon12 Rotary Cap Cover Front
Vero Black PolyJet 3D Printed Casing
Vero Clear(Polyjet) 2
Vero Clear(Polyjet)
3D Printed Vero Clear(PolyJet)
Vero White (PolyJet)

A Perfect Way To Shape Your Idea With 3D Print Service

3D printing or additive manufacturing technology is the next-generation engineering technology that is shaping designing and manufacturing fields for a better tomorrow. It is an efficient tool for engineers, designers, hobbyists, and researchers to give a distinct shape to their ideas. 3D printing is a cost-effective and environmental-friendly technology that can produce any CAD files into 3D models. Zeal 3D Printing is proud to be a part of this revolutionary technology and one of the key players for 3D printing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Canberra, and New Zealand.

We offer professional 3D printing services to a range of industry for creating:

  • Attractive architectural models
  • Functional and sturdy mechanical models
  • Eye-catching jewelry items
  • Electronic product prototypes
  • Prosthetic, & denture implants
  • Miniature models
  • Wearables
  • Project prototypes

Our expertise

Being in the 3D printing industry for two decades, our expertise has surpassed all the benchmarks set by various industries. We are adept at:

We have been providing 3D printing service online in Australia to medical researchers, civil, mechanical, electrical and automotive designers and engineers, manufacturers, educationists, and hobbyists.

Our team of engineers and designers from various backgrounds are capable of enhancing any existing 3D CAD designs, building one as per your project requirements, and printing 3D models in more than 25 materials along with 3d printing steel.

Why choose us for 3D printing in Australia

We have plenty of reasons for why you should choose us for 3D printing in Melbourne, Australia. Getting into an additive manufacturing field is not something anyone can do. It takes a huge capital, state-of-the-art infrastructure, in-depth knowledge of CAD designing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection tooling molding, and engineering skills. Above all, experience is the most essential factor that plays a major role in offering customer-oriented 3d print services. We have all the needs to deliver project-specific results to clients.

3D printing technology we use

Only at Zeal 3D printing, you can get high-quality, cost-effective, and rapid prototyping services. We use FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), and SLA (Stereolithography), and advanced 3D scanning and CAD technology for delivering realistic and functional products with complex geometries and intricate details. Along with these, we are also adept at offering PolyJet additive and 3d printing metal services. All these printing technologies can reduce time and cost for prototyping and final production.

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